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Glass Cleaner, Sanitizer and Mineral Solvent
A system of compatible chemicals that delivers the properly cleaned glass — for a better operator image and better profits.
• Complete cleaning and sanitizing system – Beer Clean products are carefully formulated for a 3-tank bar sink and completely compatible with each other.
• Beer Clean Glasses Improve Operator Image – Beer looks and tastes better if it’s served with a healthy head...a good reflection on the establishment.
• Improves Profits,Too! – A glass that is Beer Clean produces a beer with a head that normally varies between 1/2 inch to 1 inch (1 to 2.5 cm) depending on the style and size of glassware. That means more glasses per barrel — and more profit!
A Complete System of Compatible Chemicals Designed for maximum cleaning
• Clean glassware allows the operator to serve the best beer in town.
• The best beer reflects the best image...that means more business and more profits.
• Beer Clean products provide a total bar-sink program. The glass cleaner, sanitizer and mineral solvent are completely compatible chemicals, specially formulated for maximum performance.
• A glass that is treated with Beer Clean products is the key to profitability.
• Packaging is designed to take up minimal storage space.
• Available in convenient portion control pouches or economical plastic bottles and jars.
• Brush and glass cleaner combination effectively removes lipstick, grease and protein matter.
• Contains water softeners to enhance effectiveness.
• Ensures a properly cleaned glass for beer (and all beverages).
• Ensures uniform sanitizing.
• Packaged for easy shipment and storage.
• Compatible with Beer Clean Sanitizer and Mineral Solvent.
• Available in plastic jars (U.S. only) and portion control pouches.
• Mineral Solvent serves as a booster in the water softening process – especially important in adjusting local water conditions.
• Contains trichloromelamine (TCM) for effective sanitization of all bar glassware.
• Laboratory tested – Will effectively act as a sanitizer against E. Coli and Staph a.
• Only small quantities required – provides 100 parts per million of available chlorine when properly dissolved in water.
• Formulated for use in hot or cold water.
• Test strips in every case (potassium iodide-starch test strips).
• Results – Complete sheeting of rinsed glasses means the glass is effectively sanitized.
• Meets federal sanitation guidelines.
• Accepted by breweries throughout North America.
• Available in plastic jars (U.S. only) or portion control pouches.
• Cleaner specifically designed for glass washing. For manual brush cleaning – Regular Formula For electric brushes – Low Suds Formula
• Concentrated formula for quick cleaning.
• Special odorless detergent system provides excellent rinsing results.
• Contains no petroleum or fat-based detergent that could leave an invisible, oily film to kill the head on the beer.
• Produces minimal sudsing.
• Effective in either hot or cold water.
• Ties up hard water minerals to obtain maximum cleaning results.
• Designed to condition the water.
• Available in portion control pouches.

Important helpful hints for that properly cleaned beer glass

Use motorized cleaning brushes whenever possible for more thorough washing.
Don’t use dishwashing detergents from the kitchen; they are not formulated for bar glass cleaning. Also, because these can be petroleum-based, they can leave an oily invisible film on an otherwise clean glass. These are also formulated for high-sudsing action.
Using dishwashing machines can create inconsistent results because of the lack of scrubbing brushes and the grease residue that can be left by washing with dirty dishes.
Quat liquids and pills are petroleum-based sanitizers and can leave an invisible film which quickly kills the head on a beer.
Bleaches and iodine are sanitizers, but may leave objectionable odors on the glass that ruin the taste of the beer.
Store glasses on a deeply corrugated drainboard of plastic or stainless steel so that air may freely circulate around all surfaces of the glass. Do not dry glasses with a towel, since it can leave lint on the glass and transfer germs and odors.
Do not store glasses on a towel, a smooth surface or a rubber drain pad.
Do not store glasses in a refrigerator where they can pick up foreign odors from food products such as cheese, fish, meat and onions.
Do not store glasses for frosting in a freezer that is not clean and odor-free.
Do not hang glasses from racks in areas where smoke and other airborne particles can accumulate in the glass.
If crushed ice is used for glass chilling, make sure the ice container is cleaned daily and the ice itself is rinsed and odor-free.

Four easy ways to tell if a glass has an invisible film.
A properly cleaned glass will shed water evenly in unbroken sheets. On a glass with invisible film, water will break up and form droplets on the surface of the glass.
In a properly cleaned glass, salt sprinkled on the interior of a wet glass will adhere evenly. If not properly cleaned, salt will fall to the bottom or adhere in a random pattern. Salt will not stick wherever a greasy film is present.
In a properly cleaned glass, foam will adhere to the inside of the glass, forming a parallel ring pattern (lacing) as each sip of beer is taken. In a glass that is not properly cleaned, foam (if there is any) will adhere to the glass in a loose, random pattern — or may not adhere at all.
A properly cleaned glass will form a thick, tightly-knit, creamy head. The beer will be sparkling-clear and free of bubbles. A glass that is not properly cleaned will have loose, large bubbles (fish eyes) that will cause the head to disappear within ten to sixty seconds. Bubbles will visibly rise from the bottom of the glass and adhere to the sides.

Provide a Total Bar Sink Program
Here’s how to use them in a 3-tank system of cleaning

1. Thoroughly clean the sinks with a small amount of the glassware cleaner prior to glass washing. Also, use clean brushes that are not worn.
2. Set up sinks in four easy steps:
a. Fill first tank with hot or cold water almost to the top of brushes. Add Beer Clean Mineral Solvent, if needed, based on local water-hardness conditions.
b. Add Beer Clean Glass Cleaner to the first sink, accurately measuring the proper amount required or by sprinkling a pre-measured packet over brushes.
c. Fill the second tank with clean, hot or cold, continuously flowing water. This tank is used to rinse off detergent from glassware used in the first sink.
d. Fill third sink with approximately three gallons (11.5 liters) of hot or cold water. Add recommended amount of Beer Clean Sanitizer. Add Beer Clean Mineral Solvent, if needed, based on local water-hardness conditions.
3. Wash glasses in the first sink, making sure that all glass edges come in contact with the brushes. If a 3-brush manual system is used, clean glasses on the center brush.
4. Rinse glassware in the second sink by placing the bottom of the glass in the water first, at an angle. If immersed top first, an air pocket can form, preventing complete rinsing. Withdraw the glass at an angle, bottom first (heel in, heel out technique). If you only have a 2-tank system, do not include a rinse sink. Submerge glassware in sanitizing rinse solution (third sink) by using the heel in,heel out technique. Follow national foodservice sanitation guidelines and local health codes for sanitizing.
5. Air dry sanitized glassware upside down on a deeply corrugated drain board to allow maximum air flow. Do not dry glasses with a towel, since it can leave lint on the glass and transfer germs and odors. Do not store glasses on a towel, rubber drain pad or any smooth surface.
6. Now draw a perfect glass of beer — a glass that augments the taste, zest and sparkle the brewer has so carefully put into the product.

Code Size Description
90201 2/4 lb Glass Cleaner - Manual Brushes Powder - (U.S.)
90241 2/4 lb. Glass Cleaner - Electric Brushes Powder - (U.S.)
90203 2/25 oz. Sanitizer-Powder - (U.S.)
90221 100 pp/cs. Glass Cleaner - Manual Brushes - (U.S./Canada)
90224 100 pp/cs. Glass Cleaner - Electric Brushes - (U.S./Canada)
90223 100 pp/cs. Sanitizer - (U.S.)
90222 100 pp/cs. Mineral Solvent - (U.S./Canada)
90273 150 pp/cs. Test Strips - (U.S./Canada)
Beer Clean Bulk Containers Beer Clean Pouch Packs
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