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Dinner Napkins

If you are going to organize a formal dinner or wedding one of the things you will need to consider is what type of napkins to get. Dinner Napkins come in many shapes and sizes and sometimes the decision can be confusing. It is important however to spend a little time thinking about it, because getting good quality napkins is an important factor to how successful your catered evening will be. If you take a little time to think about what decision to make regarding Dinner Napkins, you will soon realize that the decision is not very difficult.

Firstly, you will have to decide what color you would like your Dinner Napkins in. There are usually many colors that they come in. The colors are usually solid and come in colors such as dusty rose, green, burgundy, purple, brown, navy blue or red. It is usually a good idea to get solid colored Dinner Napkins because they look like they are higher quality and make the event more formal. If everyone were using a white tissue, then lipstick marks, oil marks and watermarks would be readily seen all throughout the evening on the napkins. However, if you choose a solid color, then the marks usually blend in easier and make a more attractive formal evening.

Some Dinner Napkins come in solid colors but with a small logo printed on them. Or other napkins have printed patterns on them. They may be flowered patters, hearts, stars or some other type of picture depicted on them. Whatever the choice for a formal Dinner Colored Napkins should be used instead of white ones. Choose a color that matches with the décor of the room or the mood of your party. Formal parties are usually planned with a theme color in mind this might be the color for your Dinner Napkins.

Next you will have to decide what size you want your Dinner Napkins to be. Some are very large and are difficult to hold and put back together. A popular size for a Dinner Napkin is a 15X17 inch 8-fold napkin. These napkins are usually 2 ply and make it a comfortable size to hold under your plate or to wrap your cutlery in. Napkins that you choose to use for you dinner should be the right size so that they are easy to hold and use and easy to fold together again if needed. Napkins that are 2-ply are of good quality, and will not get dirty too easily. They will last the entire dinner through, and for ordinary use will not leak through to the other side of the napkin. What is wiped away can usually be hidden inside the napkin.

Purchasing good quality Dinner Napkins is very important. It is easy to think that Dinner Napkins are not very important of a decision, but a good quality Dinner Napkins that is thick enough to wipe away a mess without falling apart or making a big mess on the napkin is very important. It will add class and elegance to your formal dinner or wedding.
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