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Commercial Cleaning Supplies Can Be Low-Cost, Effective, and Green!

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Commercial Cleaning Supplies Can Be Low-Cost, Effective, and Green!


Cleaning hospitals, schools, restaurants, corporations, or factories is a job that demands tough products that will deliver effective results each time.  You can find low-cost, effective commercial cleaning supplies at a variety of vendors.  You can also find newer green products.  But can you find choices that are inexpensive, effective, and green.  It seems like a lot to ask for, but not only is it possible, it is becoming more and more common in the janitorial field. 


Eco-friendly janitorial supplies are becoming more common for several reasons, including:


  • The cost.  While green choices were once far more expensive than those made with traditional materials, that price gap is rapidly closing.  In many cases, switching to eco-friendly selections will not cost you any more money.

  • Businesses demand it.  More and more organizations are choosing custodial services that use ecologically-sound cleaners, supplies, and equipment.  Their customers or clients may demand it of them, and they in turn look for the service that will provide effective results that are environmentally-sound.  It is good business to offer eco-friendly services.  And this is not a fad that will end.  More green products are coming onto the market every day.

  • These choices can be just as effective as those that are chemically-based.  They must pass muster both with the government and EPP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing) for impact on the environment, as well as with janitorial professionals in commercial settings.  Commercial and industrial cleaning demands tough products, and now you can get tough, green cleaners.

  • They are better for your health, that of your employees, and that of the people who live or work in the building you clean.  Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars on workman’s compensation claims and lost work days due to accidents and injuries involving cleaning chemicals and other common supplies. Skin and eye irritation, burns, as well as respiratory difficulty are relatively common, and these can be all but eliminated with eco-sound choices.

  • In addition, the quality of the air in the building is improved.  You will miss fewer days and have fewer physical complaints, such as headache, nausea, and fatigue.  Studies show that when air quality is improved, performance and morale are improved.

  • It is better for the Earth.  Instead of using chemicals that can be harmful to the environment (and your health), you are using natural solutions.  In addition, these products use less plastic, create less waste with more efficient packaging, and use recyclable or sustainable materials. 

  • It is most likely what you will be required to clean with in the near future.  Many private businesses are demanding green cleaning, and many governmental organizations require you to use choices with less of an impact on the environment. 


When it is your responsibility to ensure a building’s appearance, you want janitorial supplies that will work effectively and save you money.  Green selections can do this.  Because of the influx of eco-friendly choices on the market, the prices are comparable and will continue to be a viable solution for janitorial services. 


But the question remains:  are these commercial janitorial supplies really as good as chemical cleaners?  Independent organizations, such as Green Seal and EcoLogo test and evaluate such products.  Part of their process is to verify that the items work as well or better than traditional ones.  If you are looking for effective choices that are ecologically sound, look for those that have been certified by Green Seal or EcoLogo.  Why not select a product that is less expensive, less harmful, and more effective?  Green cleaning makes sense in today’s business world.

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