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Commercial Janitorial Supplies Also Include the Best Mops, Wringers and Vacuums

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Commercial Janitorial Supplies Also Include Mops, Wringers and Vacuums


One of the most important aspects of any business, whether it is a hospital, school, nursing home, or corporation, is maintaining a professional and attractive physical plant.  When customers or clients walk into a building, it is essential that they feel welcome and that the building is clean and well-maintained.  This indicates that the business takes pride in itself.  Appearances are not really just appearances in this case:  how a building looks reflects the work done inside of it and the level of commitment the people have in maintaining their business and serving customers.  Selecting the right commercial janitorial supplies is crucial to any organization.


Cleaners are important, but so are the basics:  brooms, mops, mop buckets, wringers, vacuums, and other equipment are obviously important.  The next time you get low on supplies and are putting together an order, take a look at your existing equipment.  Could it use an upgrade?  Is everything working as efficiently and effectively as it should be?


One item that you may want to upgrade is your vacuum.  Commercial vacuums have to stand up to a lot of work and be able to perform effectively each time.  But they can also use quite a bit of energy. Newer models are more energy efficient, which will certainly be good news for whoever pays the electric bill where you clean. Many models also have lower VOC emissions.  This is also a great selling point when you are meeting with potential clients:  informing them that you use energy-efficient, eco-friendly and effective products gives you an instant advantage. 


Mops are also vital, and it is important that they be able to not only pick up grime, but not put it back down on the floor.  Mopping with an ineffective, dirty mop will make twice as much work for you.  Depending on your needs, you can select a model with a wringer bucket or one that has a wringer on the end of the mop itself.  Switch mop heads with some frequency as this delivers a better result. 


It is also a good idea to choose mops and heads that are antimicrobial.  These do not allow fungus or bacteria to grow on the mops, which could spread germs from office to office or room to room.  If you do not currently have one, it is worth it to make the switch. 


Many commercial custodians are using green cleaning products, which can be easily incorporated into any business. Every type of business, from restaurants to schools, can benefit from green cleaning solutions, and it benefits your business as well. Not only are the cleaning products themselves green, but equipment and accessories can be as well.  You can use eco-friendly trash bags, recycling bins made from recyclable materials, and products which minimize waste during packaging and shipping.


When you reorder cleaners, make sure to take a look at your equipment.  Upgrading can mean that you work more efficiently, safely, and ultimately, less expensively.  Good facility maintenance is crucial, and good industrial cleaning supplies will get you the results you need.

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