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More and More Janitorial Products are Going Green

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More and More Janitorial Products are Going Green

Only a few years ago, it would have been difficult to find green products, much less green janitorial products.  Slowly, more environmentally-conscious goods entered the market, and today, you can easily walk into any large grocery or department store and find eco-friendly items.  Professionals in the janitorial field can breathe a little easier – literally – that many of the supplies they use for cleaning are friendlier to the earth, their health, and the health of the people in the buildings they service. 


Everything from product dispensers and spray bottles to all purpose cleaners and vacuums are now made with both cleanliness and the environment in mind.  The two are not mutually exclusive, which has long been thought.  That is why harsh, and potentially harmful, chemicals have been used for so long.  They were thought to fight through dirt, grease, and stains much more effectively.  While that may have been the case in the early days of green cleaning, it is no longer true.  Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are hard on grime but easy on the environment.


If your janitorial business is thinking about switching to green supplies but you are concerned about the cost, consider this:  most are not only coming down in price, they are equal to traditional chemicals in many cases.  And they can actually make your business money.  How?  More and more companies are hiring cleaning services that are green over those that are not.  You may win contracts that you may not have otherwise been in the running for simply because you choose healthier, environmentally-conscious products. 


Yet another good reason to switch:  studies show that about six of every one hundred janitorial workers have some sort of chemical injury each year, including eye irritation, skin irritation, burns, or injuries caused by breathing chemical fumes.  This costs you in lost work hours and workman’s compensation claims, not to mention the costs to your health and safety and that of your employees.


If your business contracts for schools, it is even more vital that you use environmentally-sound choices.  Studies have shown that educational performance and productivity is directly related to the environment of the school building, that is, its cleanliness and the selections used to attain it.  Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies not only helps create a far less toxic environment, it can boost learning.  Hopefully in the near future, all schools will be demanding green cleaning services.  There really is no reason not to make the switch, and many good reasons why it makes sense for your business, health, and bottom line. 


How do you make the switch?  It doesn’t have to be that difficult, time-consuming, or expensive.  You can begin gradually incorporating eco-friendly cleaners; when you run out of chemically-based cleaner, for instance, replace it with a safer alternative.  When you need more hand soap, choose one that is allergen free and nontoxic.  Chances are you won’t be paying much more, if any.  Find choices that have been certified by the EPA as Designed for the Environment (DfE) or those approved by Green Seal, an independent organization which evaluates how eco-friendly many of the selections on the market are.  There are more and more vendors who are offering these, so it does not have to mean more hassle or work in an already busy day. 


Contact your vendor about green cleaning supplies or find a wholesale janitorial supplies vendor who can work with your needs.  This is not a trend that will fade away; eco-friendly choices are here to stay, and they can help every aspect of your janitorial business thrive.  Get started today.

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