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How to Remove Baked on Grease from pots and pans.

1) Dawn Dish SoapSoaking in a solution of hot water, dish soap (like Dawn)

2) White VinegarIf dish soap, by itself didn't work, try adding a little white vinegar. The soap should break up the grease and the vinegar will dissolve it.

3) Bounce Fabric SoftenerPlace a Bounce Fabric Softener Sheet into the pan with a bit of water. Leave it overnight and the next morning, the grease will wipe right off.

4) baking powderBaking powder and water create a paste that is a good fume free option. It also seems to be the cheapest way to clean baked on grease.

5) magic eraserMr Clean Erasers (melamine sponges) has been successful at removing baked on grease, too.

6) SOS Steel wool pads Steel wool pads work very well in scrubbing away baked on grease as long as you don't mind a little scrubbing.

7) Easy-Off Professionl Oven Cleaner Easy Off oven cleaners and degreasers are great at removing baked on grease from pots, pans and of course ovens.

8) Last Resort...Put your kids to work scrubbing and scrubbing. I bet they won't talk back to you any more after a few minutes of scrubbing baked on grease.

No hope left, throw it away.

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