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Hydration Packs and Vests

Employee hydration is essential, but not always easy to achieve in a busy work environment.  Outdoors, workers may be on the move and working over a large area of ground, so a worker may set a bottle of water down and then when thirsty, have to go look for it.  Dehydration is not good for the health of the worker and also decreases productivity on the job.  In order for workers to do the job, they have to be healthy, alert and comfortable.  Hydration packs make all of these easy.  A Hydration Pack is essentially a backpack that carries water in a water reservoir that is inside of the pack.  The reservoir has an attached hose with a bite valve at the end, allowing the wearer to drink when necessary without having to cease the activity they are involved in whether it be hiking, biking, any other sport or while on the job.  Hydration packs are commonly used by athletes in almost any sport and the ease of use keeps a worker or athlete hydrated better because they are more likely to drink water more often.   The straps on a hydration pack are adjustable to allow the wearer the ability to wear different types of clothing under the pack and make the hydration pack more comfortable.
Hydration packs come in many sizes, with different reservoir sizes as well.  Remember that a worker does not want to be weighed down by carrying a large amount of water on his or her back.  If they are away from water sources their entire day, they may want a larger one.  But if a worker has access to a water source, the reservoir can be refilled at each of their breaks throughout the day and they are able to wear a smaller one for more comfort and less weight on the back.  In the case of a worker that must wear high visibility safety clothing, high visibility safety hydration vests are available.  These safety hydration vests have a built in hydration pack to make a worker more visible and safe in a low visibility work setting and good hydration all at the same time!  Safety hydration vests are also good for athletes that are in a high traffic area day or night, such as bicyclists or runners.  Some hydration packs offer cargo space as well depending on the activity it is to be used for.  Hydration packs are available in many different colors and designs to choose from and a variety of sizes of packs and reservoirs.  We hope to be able to serve you here at Reliable Paper for your hydration pack needs.
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