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Choose Industrial Cleaning Supplies From The Vendor That Suits Your Business


Anyone who has searched online for products or with their local businesses knows that there is not a shortage of vendors available.  Industrial cleaning supplies are very easy to find, but it is worth taking the time to make sure you are choosing the right vendor for your business.  Often where we buy is just as important as what we buy.  Here are some tips for making sure your vendor is able to fulfill your needs:


  • The first is obvious:  make sure vendors you are considering have everything you need.  Cleaning products, degreasers, vacuums, brooms, and other accessories are essential and so is being able to find them all in one place, with one easy ordering process, and one shipping charge.  Does your vendor routinely stock all that you are going to need to run an effective industrial janitorial service?
  • Comparison shop.  When you locate vendors which stock the items you need (or may need in the future), check their prices.  The internet makes this very easy to do.  You can see who offers the best deal for comparable products.  Cheaper does not always mean better, but you can check who has the lowest price for a certain product. 
  • Make sure they can answer your questions.  If you ask your vendor which cleaning products will work best for your particular needs, they should be able to provide you with answers and suggestions.  They should be able to tell you which disinfectants work best in restaurants or hospitals or what type of floor cleaner would work most effectively on your floors.  Whatever your question, make sure someone can and does answer it to your satisfaction. 
  • Look for good customer service.  This relates to the above tip and extends to ensuring that your shopping experience is convenient and fast.  If you have an ordering, billing, or shipping question, you want to know that they will assist you promptly. 
  • Many vendors are now offering green janitorial supplies.  You vendor should for a few reasons:  one, they are better for the environment and your health; two, they are as or more effective than products made with chemicals; and three, it shows you that the vendor understands the trends, needs, and demands in this field.  Green products are increasingly sought after by both governmental and private organizations, including schools and restaurants.  You cannot afford to wait to switch to green products because that is where the industry is heading.  Your vendor should know this and should provide a full line of eco-friendly supplies.
  • Do not accept subpar customer service or products.  If you have ordered a product which does not meet your expectations, return it and explain why.  You should be able to get a refund exchange your item for another.  If the company responds quickly and delivers a good product to you, it is not a deal-breaker.  However, if they either do not respond to your concerns or respond with another inferior product, search for another vendor.  There are too many reputable ones for you to have to make do with those with poor performance.


Why should you take the time to screen your vendor?  Isnít a janitorial product a janitorial product?  Cleaning products are the lifeblood of a janitorial business and not all supplies are created equal.  Nor are all vendors created equal.  Take the time to get what you want and need Ė and be sure that you get it.


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