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Safety Coats and Jackets

In many lines of work and sometimes play, high visibility outerwear is a must have.  High Visibility clothing is a first line of defense for workers. High visibility clothing is any clothing with highly reflective properties or colors that make it stand out no matter the background.  Some work environments may require high visibility outerwear to be worn, whether it be daytime, nighttime, dusk or dawn.  Federal law requires highway/ road workers, paramedics and tow truck operators to wear high visibility clothing.   Bright fluorescent colors are used for the body of high visibility clothing and often, reflective striping is added. The reflective striping catches light alerting other workers or drivers of the wearer.

Other wearers of high visibility clothing include motorcyclists, bicyclists, hunters, fishermen, parking attendants, crossing guards, hikers, back country skiers, utility or service crews, firefighters and baggage handlers.  High visibility elements have been incorporated in many different styles of outerwear.  Some of those items are coveralls, bomber jackets, wet weather coats, waist coats and some sweatshirts. There are 3 classes of high visibility apparel per the ANSI/ ISEA.  Class 3 provides the highest level of visibility whereas Class 1 provides the least.  No matter the level needed in different environments, high visibility apparel is designed to meet the safety needs of every industry and optimize worker safety.
Not only do workers need to be seen, they also need to be comfortable.  Depending on the environment, different elements need to be incorporated into a workers high visibility clothing.  There are different levels of protection provided by specific high visibility outerwear.
For those outside in the elements, they need to be protected with weather proof and breathable gear as well as visible gear.  Some jackets come in layers...for example if the day starts out cold, the jacket provides that warmth and as the day progressively becomes warmer, parts of the jacket may be removed.  For example the Occunomix Bomber ANSI Class 3 Yellow Jacket.  This jacket meets the diverse weather, visibility and comfort needs of workers.  The outer jacket has received ANSI Class 3 certification and offers a snap on hood, flip up collar, zipper and snap front, radio pocket and 2 outside hand pockets.  The PVC coated polyester resists blood borne pathogens as well.  When it gets warmer, zip out the inner polar fleece and wear the Bomber jacket as a two layer, without losing the Class 3 properties.  Warmer still?  Zip off the Bomber jacket sleeves and you've got a Class 2 vest. Whatever the needs of high visibility apparel in your workplace environment, we can help you and your workers be seen and be comfortable.  Take your time looking through Reliable Paper's selection of high visibility jackets.  You can't miss them, and we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for!
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