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Safety Shirts

Being seen on some job sites is a number one priority.  Many employees work in an environment where they may not be visible to other workers, drivers, machinery operators, etc. without the help of high visibility apparel.  One of those pieces of apparel that is helpful in a low visibility environment is a high visibility safety shirt.  High visibility shirts mean an extra added feeling of comfort for a worker in a high traffic zone or low visibility work site.  Safety shirts are designed using bright colors and reflective properties to make a worker more visible.  The bright colors of a safety shirt make the worker stand out in low visibility environments so they are better seen, where the reflective properties are a bonus in low light conditions where a headlight might reflect on the striping making a driver aware of the worker.  Job site safety is a very important factor that cannot be over looked.  Many road construction crew injuries or deaths are visibility related.  Impatient drivers who don't pay attention to the work zone speed limits can cause accidents and are less likely to see a worker on the road, so the more visibility a worker has, the better he or she is protected.
Some high visibility shirts are machine washable, fast drying, resist fading, wrinkle resistant and have low shrinkage like our OccLx ANSI Ultra Cool Wicking T-Shirt.  This high visibility T-shirt also offers sweat wicking properties that rapidly wick and expel perspiration, eliminate clinging to skin and chafing of the skin and resistance to odor causing bacteria and mildew.  This shirt meets the ANSI Class 2 standards for high visibility safety apparel and is extremely cool and comfortable.  If a long sleeve is more appropriate for the work being done, high visibility long sleeve t-shirts are also available.  High visibility t-shirts can be found in different materials, colors and sizes.  In many work environments, high visibility clothing is a requirement and may be provided by the employer.  Many workers who wear high visibility safety shirts are airport baggage handlers and ground crew, railroad maintenance crews, school crossing guards, survey crews, road construction and utility workers.  High visibility apparel is a first defense for workers and the more high visibility apparel, the better for the worker and the more comfortable the worker may be.  For all safety needs, we hope you will trust Reliable Paper to provide you the best.
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