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Support Gloves

RSI's (Repetitive Strain Injuries) are climbing to the top of the ladder when it comes to illness in the workplace.  RSI's are said to be caused by prolonged use of equipment that requires repetitive movement every day.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is considered an RSI.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgical cases are rising every year.  Repetitive Strain Injuries can cause a loss in productivity which results in lost dollars.  Support Gloves are an ergonomic product that can help to improve productivity therefore saving time and money.  Ergonomic products are chosen with a individual specification, like size or posture in mind.  An RSI may be caused from work or recreational activities, but can get better with help from ergonomically correct products, exercise and proper posture.  Repetitive Strain Injuries can be a result of many types of work, not just office jobs.  Let workers know their health is important to the company and encourage workers to take short breaks throughout the day, this gives them the chance to break away and "shake it off."
Support Gloves can help to provide relief from pain, inflammation and swelling when an RSI exists. v
Support Gloves are used by computer users, garment workers, electronic assemblers, food processors, meat cutters, carpenters, painters, musicians, mail sorters, mechanics, dentists, dental hygienists, cashiers, case cutters, hair stylists, pet groomers, gardeners,  people with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Support gloves are lightweight and breathable and help stimulate circulation to keep hands flexible.  Support Gloves may be worn alone or underneath work gloves.  Support gloves can also be worn at night which helps keep the blood circulating to prevent stiffness in the morning.  Support gloves are available in full finger or half finger styles, many sizes and colors.  Some also provide wrist support as well.  Take care of your wrist and hands with support gloves from Reliable Paper.
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