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Welding and Cutting Machines

If you are looking for cutting machines as part of welding supplies you are at the right spot. The Victor BHA-2 adjustable head attachments add flexibility to machine cutting torches by allowing bevel cuts without changing the position of the torch. The setting angle is usually between 0 degree and 90 degree at either side of vertical. It is manufactured by Victor. The series 1 type MTHN-1 two piece cutting tips are for high speed machine cutting through 10 inches. The gas types used are propane and natural gas. The cutting tips are adaptable for both hand and machine cutting torches. The 300 series heavy duty cutting attachments - 10.5 inches comprise die-forged brass head, with a spiral mixer that blends oxygen and fuel, smooth cutting valve (pull type), stainless steel tubes, and brass coupling nut and double O ring steel that gives quick gas-tight seal tightening without wrench. One piece cutting tips are useful for de-seaming, scarfing, gouging, weld preparation, removing defective welds, washing rivets and are equipped with a round tip. The type of gas used is acetylene.
In 1903 two French engineers Edmond Fouche and Charles Picard were the first to develop an oxygen-acetylene welding machine to be used as cutting machinery. Although less popular these days, they are still very much a part and parcel of industrial applications. Appropriate cutting machinery and equipment in welding are most essential and are well-suited and favored for precision welding. Victor-made VCM 200E Series, the 200 Series Portable and the 200HS high speed cutting machines are versatile and are of a high degree of precision. They are tractor-type models that can be used on its own track for straight line cutting and a variety of welding operations. The machine when off track and with a radius rod assembly may be used for circle cutting. The top selling Victor VanGuard flashback arrestor replacement cartridge and the FlameBuster flashback arrestors are for all oxygen and fuel welding and cutting torches and are highly effective for preventing flashback from torch to hose. They come with the gas tight O-ring seal and threads for connection to torch or regulator. They include built-in reverse flow check valve nut and swivel assembly, made of housing material brass; the filter material is stainless steel sintered. The Victor portable torch welding and cutting outfits are of light duty outfit and include a 100fc torch handle, a hose, goggles, spark lighter, cutting attachment and regulator cylinders. The cutting capacity of the equipment is 4 inches maximum and uses acetylene oxygen.
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