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Purchasing Wholesale Janitorial Supplies in Bulk

Purchasing Wholesale Janitorial Supplies in Bulk

Any smart shopper knows that if you are going to use it, bulk shopping is the best.  You can get larger quantities for lower prices per item, and save time as well.  This is ideal for stocking shelves and pantries, as well as supply closets.  You can save a great deal of money by purchasing wholesale janitorial supplies in bulk quantities, whether you work with a hospital, school, corporation, or have a private business.  You can even purchase these products for private use at wholesale prices.  Here are some tips that will help you get the best products for the best prices:


Look online.  The internet has been a boon to businesses and consumers because it allows them not only the opportunity to look at a wide variety of vendors, but also comparison shop with a few clicks of the mouse.  You are no longer limited to the supplier in your area:  the world is your area now  though shipping is a consideration.  Wholesalers routinely offer discounts online, and you can find some incredible deals. 


Choose sites or wholesalers which offer a wide variety of products so you can one-stop shop.  It is a hassle, not to mention time-consuming, to search all over for everything you need  and pay separate shipping fees on top of all of that.  You should be able to go through your list and get everything with one supplier.  And better yet, you should have your choice of brands, price ranges, and quantities from which to choose. 


This is especially important if you contract for a number of different types of industries.  Products to clean restaurants will be different than those to clean hospitals, schools, or office buildings. Make sure you can get everything you need.


Don't miss the benefits of blowout sales prices.  Sites and stores often offer unbelievable deals or clearance items that can help you stock up for much less. 


Look for suppliers who offer green cleaning products.  If your business is considering switching to eco-friendly cleaners or equipments, you can continue to use the vendor you have grown to trust.  They often have invaluable support and can help you make safer product choices and stay within your budget.  As more employers are demanding eco-friendly cleaning, this will give you a leg up in the industry.


Take a moment to read the customer feedback.  This is the virtual version of talking over the back fence with your neighbor.  Read what they have to say about the wholesaler, products, and/or the service they provide.  This is can often be the deciding factor for discriminating consumers.


Here is one more important tip for getting the most for your money:  bulk buying isn't always best.  For instance, if you want to try a new product, make sure to buy a smaller container.  That way, if it doesn't work for you, you don't have seven gallons left in your closet.  Bulk is a good deal only if you are going to use the products.


You don't have to pay retail prices to get the best quality for your commercial cleaning supplies:  take a little time to find a reliable online vendor for your janitorial supply needs so you can focus on using those products to do your job well.

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